Many Women Look To Tyra For Something, Whether It Be Entertainment, Inspiration, Or A Mix Of The Two.

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Hey, if they are legit results, then of course they will be accepted, Palin said. But, like Donald said, I think he was suggesting that wed better take a look at everything at the end of the day and make sure everything is legit. The 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate suggested that Trump was merely pushing to keep the process honest. At the end of the day, when everyone has been allowed to take that honest vote and then yeah, weve accepted the results of the election if they are fair, Palin said. Asked if she agreed with the celebrity businessmans frequent claim that the election is rigged, Palin did not answer and left the spin room with Kellyanne Conway, Trumps campaign manager. It was Palins first appearance on the campaign trail since early summer. The former Alaska governor, who was one of the first politicians to endorse Trump in the primary, had been a ubiquitous presence on the campaign trail but cut her schedule after her husband, Todd, was injured in a snowmobile accident ahead of the Florida primary. Palin again dropped out of the public eye in June and skipped the Republican National Convention in July. She did not respond when asked if she would be campaigning for Trump in the final weeks before Election Day. Clintons campaign responded to Trumps provocative comment about accepting the election results as chilling and suggested that he might be trying to explain away what may turn out to be a loss to Clinton . The former secretary of state has a healthy lead over Trump in the polls .

Of course Tyra is a joy to look at (though later, in front of those 300 other women and me, she claims she's nothing without makeup, just "a girl with an ass" and a "fivehead"), but it's what she's had to say that's always captivated me. There's some hokey Victoria's Secret commercial wherein Tyra goes, " Don't say it, Karen! " to fellow model Karen Mulder. This commercial aired before I even owned a bra, ธุรกิจเครือข่ายในประเทศไทย but for almost a decade, "Don't say it, Karen!" has been looping in my head like an incantation. View gallery . I'm not alone. Many women look to Tyra for something, whether it be entertainment, inspiration, or a mix of the two. She's a supermodel, the first black woman to land a Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover, (kind of) a Harvard graduate, and a CEO. (Sorry, that's "super CEO" in Tyra parlance.) She's a woman with a story. She makes great TV. Maybe she makes great makeup, too.

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