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Pitts used handcrafted iridescent tiles (the specific color is Chalk) from the Winchester Tile Co.'s Metropolitan collection. The company, based in England, is a favorite of Pitts's. "I love to use them in waterfront homes where we want to have light reflecting through the space," Pitts says. She says the glossy finish of the tiles "reflects on water and brings it into the home." She also used Winchester light blue (Lupin) tile as an accent to add another dimension. Make your range hood a focal point Seek out a beautifully designed hood or customize one so you make it a design feature instead of just a functional appliance. Pitts worked with RangeCraft to style a striking polished stainless-steel and pewter range hood embellished with a riveted trim. She added a Newport Brass wall-mounted pot filler in polished nickel, which is useful and adds another design element. Research your marbles The marble countertop that Pitts and the Todorovs selected is Calacatta gold. Pitts says she is fond of it in white kitchens because of the pureness of the white and the veining.

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So the stereotypes of it being simply right-wing and simply uneducated are 100% not true," says Jeff Green, who is the CEO of Trade Desk, an internet advertising company that was recently commissioned by American TV channel CBS to investigate who is reading and sharing fake news online. His company did this by initially putting out two fake news stories - one from the left which falsely stated police had raided a protestors camp at Standing Rock and burnt it down, and the other from a right-wing website about false claims there was a congressional plot to oust Donald Trump. Image copyright Reuters Image caption A left-wing fake story falsely claimed police had raided a protestors camp at Standing Rock and burnt it down By using specialist software, the company's researchers then followed readers' online behaviour to get an idea of who and where they were. "On the left if you're consuming fake news you're 34 times more ผ้าปูที่นอน 6 ฟุต likely than the general population to be a college graduate," says Green. If you're on the right, he says, you're 18 times more likely than the general population to to be in the top 20 percent of income earners. And the study revealed another disturbing trend: the more you consume fake news, the more likely you are to vote. It's "fascinating and frightening at the same time," says Green. Confirmation bias One of the reasons for the growth in liberal fake news is financial. "Those people who generate this kind of fake news don't care about politics. They just care about generating clicks, and so sometimes they generate similar messages for the right and the left," says Filippo Menczer, a professor of Informatics and Computer Science at Indiana University who runs the fake news tracking site Hoaxy. More from BBC Trending Visit the Trending Facebook page As for where the market for liberal fake news comes from, according to Claire Wardle, who is a research director at First Draft - a non-profit organisation which is looking for solutions around trust and truth in the digital age - the appetite stems from so-called confirmation bias.

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